THE Mooore

White Cheese

THE Mooore

Lactose free

Sated white cheese made from full fat cow's milk with addition of latic acid bacteria culture and coagulant. Pleasantly acidic, salty, specificly aromatic, pure taste.

THE Mooore

Garlic - habart - Freid onions

New MOOORE sour creams with legen-dairy good tastes!

Our unique & special product -TheMOOORE “Habart” sour cream- is available at stores with the three delicious flavours of natural, garlic & fried onions. 200 gr of traditional sour cream flavour from our grandmothers’ kitchen in a premium & form-breaking resealable sleeve cup. Creamy delicious!



Deliciously creamy low-fat cottage cheese with uniquely silky and smooooth flavour - made from cow's milk. Besides the unbelievably soft unflavoured variant, the juicy & fruity ones also provide a fantastic experience. - The delightful strawberry or the tropical mango-orange? Taste all, you won't regret!



Homogenized, flavoured yoghurts including living flora. With the sugar-coated grain balls on the top it's a match made in heaven. Without any preservatives added! The MiniMooore yoghurt was created especially for the children's needs and taste - no surprise that it's their favourite already! The product is available in raspberry, strawberry, vanilla & cookie flavours - as our kids love the most.

- Available sizes

nutrition -

mooore size
Avarage nutritional values I 100g
964 kJ/232 kcal
18,0 g
of which saturates
11,9 g
3,4 g
of which sugar
3,4 g
14,0 g
2,5 g

The product contains no preservative

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-About us-

the company

Ökotej Inc. has been producing a soft, natural creamy white cheese based on its own recipe since 2018. The Dairy Plant is located in Komádi, Hajdú-Bihar County, Hungary.

Pasteurization: - ultrafiltration – 2 pasteurizing technology takes place on a modern production line, designed and manufactured for this facility based on individual requirements.

The control is fully automatic, culture and rennet are also administered in a closed system.

The product is first encountered (already sealed and labeled) with a human touch. This is done in a separate room, the product is placed on a pallet, and then it is put into a 2-6°C fridge.

The Mooore white cheese put on the shelves in a secure, airtight, snap-on design package.

We participated in international food exhibitions with great success. Our mission is to enchant cheese fans as well. In the future, we will surprise our customers with more exciting, mouth-watering products.


Ökotej Zrt.
Manufactory: 4138 Komádi, Furtai str. Hrsz. 195/77, Hungary
Headquarter: 1033 Budapest, Polgár str. 8-10, Hungary
email: info@okotej.com